There’s always a guy.  There’s the sports guy, game guy, music guy and the movie guy.  Unfortunately, there’s never really been that “go to” guy for delivery.  That is, until now. Delivery Guy will take care of you when home cooking isn’t an option. He will also bring all the ingredients you need for that next get-together. He will be that trusty sidekick in your take-out food ventures.

What do “cute” herbivores know about food? Leave it to a gentleman to deliver your orders fast and easy.  We don’t just deliver “to anyone”; that’s too simple. What we do is to make sure we treat everyone the way you do with your friends and loved ones: with care and reliability.  Whether it’s by phone or online, we’ll be the guy you can simply count on to make your food delivery experience better.

Whether we’re at home, at the park, or on the go, the Filipino’s general love for tasty food is a way of life.  Though the concept of Pinoy Time is a term that we’re all familiar with, we assure you that the food or essential ingredients you ordered will be at your doorstep on time and the way it should be.